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.Small Ottawa rental company with a unique Guaranteed Weekly Rental system--went out of business in 2009

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Relay Rentals DVD Rental Review

Visit Relay Rentals DVD Rental SiteRelay Rentals went out of business in 2009, but this review is left as it was for posterity.

Ottawa-based Relay Rentals has been around since 2002, but their library of titles is modest (perhaps 3,000+), with plenty of mainstream flicks in high volume, but few obscure, independent or classic titles. The Ottawa-based company serves all of Canada, though obviously postal delays argue against signing up if you're far from Ontario.

However, it does have one of the best browsing engines around, allowing searches on actor, director, release date, and even MPAA rating. We like their site design; not gimmicky, but very functional and looks good. It would be better if the film entries had hyperlinked actor, director, etc., but this is not a major shortfall. We like that they include bonus discs with the main rental, rather than a separate rental.

They have a system called Guaranteed Weekly Rentals, where if you return your discs within a week (as 95% of viewers do), they'll send you the next lot of discs before receiving the last, so on a three-disc plan, you may actually have 6 discs out (briefly) at one time as they pass in the post. They also allow you suspend your account when you go on vacation.

There have been some complaints of poor customer service, however. We've heard that Relay often take awhile to resolve the situation if discs get lost in the post, as they inevitably do once in awhile with every service. That said, they do offer a money-back guarantee, where if you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel and receive the money back on the un-used portion of your subscription. And they have a customer service phone line, which is better than most companies.

Prices: Relay Rentals have no free trial, and are have among Canada's most expensive rental plans, though their Guaranteed Weekly Rentals could make it more economical than it sounds if managed consistently. Their 2 disc out plan is $22.00 per month, 3 discs $33.

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2 discs: $22.0
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Free Trial: none
Location: Ottawa

Titles: 3,000+
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Relay Rentals
2446 Bank Street, Suite #610
Ottawa, ON
K1V 1A8
(613) 760-1160 -- great deals on flights & more

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