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.Site was marred by several minor issues and was a smaller outfit--now out of business

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Rent Game Canada DVD Rental Review

Visit Rent Game Canada DVD Rental SiteRent Games Canada appears to have gone out of business in late 2007; it's site remains up, but not updated, and it does not accept new customers or reply to emails; this review is left as is for posterity.

Rent Game Canada, based in Montreal, is a smaller game rental site which appears functional, but is marred by layout and feature problems. The site does work, but it's little things that betray it, like the grammar and spelling errors and some of the graphics are actually fuzzy. They should really get a sharper snap of the Canada Post logo, and their own logo for that matter. And the buttons at the top have obviously been Photoshopped to add a little "3" in a different font by the Playstation, and "360" by the Xbox; minor things we know, but simply not the sort of professional attention to detail we'd expect.

Other than the front page and its scant verbiage, there is only a small 6-question FAQ page, and a Pricing Page; no Terms and Conditions in evidence or further details. They do not have a customer service phone line, but do have an email address and form on their site for inquiries.

On the plus side, they have added a New Return Button, which you hit once you've mailed your game back to them, and they'll dispatch another game without waiting for the other one to arrive. This could be important if you're far from their Montreal warehouse. That said, we've seen some comments that even in Montreal, it can take 2-3 days to get games. They have a French-language version of the site.

They do have a good deal of information per title, including date released, genre (of 8 total), console, and a paragraph description, with screenshots and ability to post customer reviews. They also appear to have a good selection, but their navigation system makes it difficult to get total title counts. However, they claim to have 1,500+ titles.


Prices: Unlike most game/DVD rental companies, Rent Game Canada does not offer a free trial. We also find their prices a bit high, starting at $17.95 for an unlimited one game out, rising to $24.95 for two games, and $34.95 for for three games, and a whopping $44.95 for four games (for comparison, top-ranked game rental company Games Access is only $37.95 at the four-game level).




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Key Facts

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1 games: $17.95
2 games:
3 games:
4 games:

Free Trial: 14 days

Game Rentals: yes, 1,500+ titles
Phone Contact:

Rent Game Canada
P.O. Box 294
Montreal-Nord, QC
H1H 4L1


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