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.Medium-sized company with complaints on service; went out of business in 2011.

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Starflix DVD Rental Review

Visit Starflix DVD Rental SiteStarflix went out of business in 2011; this review is kept as it was for posterity.

Strflix was launched in 2004, based in Montreal, and has a large selection of French language films, but serves the entire country with additional distribution centers in Toronto and Vancouver. Their range is undetermined, but is certainly far, far lower than the 30,000 claimed on the site. They do have an impressive 31 genres though, making browsing easier. Their film information is quite good, with hyperlinked stars and directors, also listing things like studio, rating, run time, screen format, subtitles, language, release date, plus a lengthy synopsis.

You'll either love or hate their website design with its blues and golds, with some claiming it too bold and simple, and others appreciating that fact.

There have been complaints about Starflix Customer service, though it has apparently improved somewhat, as it's reportedly easier to get through to a live operator when you call. They don't have a means to suspend your membership while on vacation, advising in their FAQ to cancel it entirely, then sign up again when you get back, which is a bit of a hassle. On the plus side, they encourage members to suggest films they don't have in stock.

Prices: Starflix offer a free trial and a variety of capped and unlimited plans at slightly above-average prices by industry standards. They allow capped 1 DVD out, 2 total for the month at $9.99, 2 DVDs out, 4 total for the month at $14.95, 3 DVDs out unlimited for $24.95, 4 DVDs out for $28.95, and 5 DVDs for $34.95.

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