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.A high-end Vancouver video shop which also does online rentals, probably not the best pick for most viewers--went out of business in 2011.

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Videomatica DVD Rental Review

Visit Videomatica DVD Rental SiteVideomatica went out of business in 2011, but we have kept their review as it was for posterity.

Videomatica is run by a Vancouver video store which opened in 1983, and now offers online rentals from its collection, which leans heavily toward older classics. If you're interested in the latest blockbusters, this is probably not the rental outfit for you, though it is a great niche choice for cinephiles. They used to mail DVD rentals to British Columbia, Alberta, and the three Territories, but now cover all of Canada.

As Videomatica state on the site " We are internationally recognized for offering the best in foreign films, silents, classics, musicals, indies, docs, animation, cult, TV series and gay & lesbian cinema as well as all the good new releases." This film buff specialization is reflected in the way they divide their impressive 32 genres, including Noir, Cult, Criterion, Surreal, Silents, etc. The inventory is considerable--over 16,000 films, and they've recently made a large push in their previously non-existant Blu-ray high definition inventory, now 350+ discs.

Their site is a bit difficult to navigate, but is perfectly functional. To their credit, each film has very large box art (front and back), as well as hyperlinked info on country, director, actors, and genres, and a full 10 star customer rating. Availability is listed at the bottom. They also have a feature called Jump All Queues (JAQ) for an additional fee, useful for a film you must get as soon as possible, or for new releases on the first day. They do not allow you to put your account on hold for holidays, unfortunately. We've heard conflicting views on customer service, but most suggest that these are good people who love film and send friendly responses.


Prices: Given their high-end cinephile nature, Videomatica's prices are a bit high. A two-disc unlimited subscription is $24.99. If you choose quarterly over monthly billing, you save 25%. They do require that you cancel at least 4 days before your next billing date.

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